QC Center
Beijing Gendone company built a modern QC center in 2011 and has a well-experienced QC team.
We obey the 5s managements in our QC & QA works, and meet the ISO requirements.
Production Control

We believe the ingredients are the basis of product, hence, we strictly select the fine ingredients all over the world

Backward and Forward Traceability

We adopt the WINCOS.R2 traceability system from Buhler Swiss for employee to tracking the details from  ingredients warehousing to processing, finally to ex-warehouse by scanning the code on the packing

DU-certificates of Cms & FSS

Continuously passed both of the ISO9001:2008 quality control system and ISO22000:2005 food safety systems certification for years

Visible during the processing

HD videos from every step, let the whole production processing under surveillance

We are the national standard

Gendone is the constitutor of the second grade of National New Product

Set up a quality team to execute "5S" management

5S stand for "Seiri", "Seiton" ,"Seiso" ,  "Seiketsu" , "Shitsuke"

Quality Control
In the QC lab and workshops, we run every detailed analyses and test items for raw material and GAA products including general analysis, GAA content and all kinds of residues. We built our corporation standard for GAA quality control and this standard is now tending to be a national standard for GAA test.

Inside the quality control center

Quality Control Equipment


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