Everlasting the Gutian Meeting

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Author: Wang Hekun, Business School

Abstract: On September 19th-21st, 2020, the company's business department heads, all commissars, and business school personnel came to Gutian Town, Shanghang County, Fujian.

On September 19th-21st, 2020, the company's business department heads, all commissars, and business school personnel came to Gutian Town, Shanghang County, Fujian, and held the "Gutian meeting" that will leave a mark in the development history of Gendone.

This meeting not only arranged a study tour to the spirit of the "Gutian Meeting" of the Communist Party of China, but also arranged the first business meeting and commissar meeting attended by the heads of the business departments (commander) and all commissars. Participating together not only allows the military commander to better understand the work of the commissar, but also allows the commissar to go deeper into business.

On the 20th, on the basis of watching the movie "Gutian Bugle" the night before, everyone visited the Gutian Meeting Site and Gutian Meeting Memorial Hall in the morning, paid homage to the statue of Chairman Mao, ate the Red Army meal at noon, and listened to the teacher’s comments on the spirit of the Gutian meeting. Explanation. During the one-day study tour, everyone harvested a lot of spiritual food.

The "Gutian meeting" of the Communist Party of China was the 9th Party Congress of the Fourth Army of the Red Army held in Gutian Town, Shanghang County, Fujian Province on December 28-29, 1929. The great leader Chairman Mao rectified all kinds of wrong ideas in the party in detail, clarified the principles of "party command gun" and "ideological party building and political army building", and formulated basic systems and measures.

In the evening, all the staff held a discussion meeting focusing on the company's development issues and insisting on self-criticism.

The company’s president, Dr. Yang Libin, raised the thought-provoking question: “Where should Gendone go? Where should the team go?” After that, he introduced the current situation of the company, bluntly stated the problems that the company is currently encountering and explained views on "persistent to self-criticism". Afterwards, everyone carried out a deep self-criticism one by one, and decided to organize the management to carry out self-criticism after the meeting, and finally summarize, file, and follow up.

On the 21st, the company held a business meeting and commissar meeting that "unified thinking, unified action, unified voice".

The business meeting in the morning kicked off with the chorus of Gendone’s Song and Dr. Yang's speech. Dr. Yang first explained the spirit of the "Gutian meeting" and pointed out the current problems and future development of Gendone. It is hoped that through this trip to Gutian, everyone will further "unify thinking, unified action, and unified voice." "It is necessary to "people fit in, horses fit in."

Then, Wang Shengqiao, director of the financial center, explained the data analysis of the company's operations and related issues of budget control. Through the figures, it pointed out the potential problems hidden behind the company's prosperity and development and the matters that each business department needs to pay attention to in the follow-up work.

Afterwards, Li Zhengxiang, Marketing Director of the Additives Department, Wang Zhenzhen, General Manager of the Overseas Department, Zhang Dayue, General Manager of the Central Plains Department, Mao Anyin, General Manager of the Northern Department, and Wu Youguo, General Manager of the Animal Healthcare Department, summarized the work in July and August, as well as September and October. The monthly work plan was reported. During the period, everyone had a timely exchange and interaction.

    Subsequently, Deputy Dean Zhang Wencai made a summary of the meeting. Deputy Dean Zhang first affirmed the summary and planning of each business department, and at the same time warned everyone to pay attention to the problems behind the data pointed out by the Financial Center Director Wang; and emphasized that various measures should not be self-righteous, and should truly comply with "customer-centric" corporate culture.

    The quarterly meeting of commissars held in the afternoon was presided over by senior commissar Yin Chao and summarized the meeting.

    After the chorus of Gendone‘s song, Dr. Yang reviewed the rapid development of the commissar mechanism in the company from August 2019 till now. Combining Gutian's thinking of "party commanding guns", it is emphasized that the commissar should not only stay at the level of doing specific things, but also strengthen the ideological and political work, and let the commissar mechanism play a greater role.

  Subsequently, Xu Jian, commissar of the Central Plains Department, Tian Yaoyao, commissar of the Additives Department, Animal Healthcare Department and Overseas Department, Yao Xingwei, commissar of the Northern Department, Wang Hekun, commissar of the Beijing Office, Zhao Yanlei, commissar of industrial base workers, and Liu Qian and Gao, commissar of industrial base functional personnel, the commissar Yin Chao and the senior commissar Zhang Wencai successively carried out the quarterly work summary and planning of the commissar. Commanders, senior commissars, and the general commissar Dr. Yang commented on the work of each commissar.

    Afterwards, senior commissar Zhang Wencai announced the "Commissar Mechanism Improvement Plan" and the "Short Video Call for Papers and Operation Plan." The announcement and implementation of the two plans will open a new chapter in the company's development.

Through the study tours and conferences held in Gutian, everyone learned the spirit of the "Gutian meeting" and clarified the measures of "unify thinking, unified action, and unified voice": arm the team with vision, mission, and values, and lead the team with the commissar mechanism.

"Ideological Party Building, Political Army Building", Everlasting the Gutian Meeting!

     "Unify thinking, unified action, unified voice", Gendoners will surely create great achievements!

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