Technology determines safety and innovation wins the future & Gendone's innovative product

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Author: Zheng Chao, Business School

Abstract:At the conference, "CreBuilder®", a new product independently developed by Gendone, held a grand new product launching ceremony at the forum. 

On August 19th-21, 2020, the Feed Industry Innovation Forum 2020 (FIIF 2020), sponsored by Feed Branch of China High-tech Industrialization Research Association, China Agricultural University, China Feed Industry Association and National Feed Engineering Technology Research Center, was successfully held in Beijing Four Seasons Royal Garden International Hotel. At the conference, "CreBuilder®", a new product independently developed by Gendone, held a grand new product launching ceremony at the forum. Dr. Yang Libin, the chairman of the company, made an opening speech at the new product launching conference, and Tian Yaoyao, the technical director, shared the theme report of "Research Progress of Guanidinoacetic Ruminants and Rumen-passing Coating Technology".

Innovation is the primary driving force for development, and technology is a powerful weapon to overcome difficulties. Facing the new situation of the COVID-19 pneumonia epidemic, African swine fever, and Antibiotic Growth Promoters ban, how companies can use science and technology as the axis, innovation as the wheel, and change from "crisis" to "opportunity" in the complex and changeable situation is a common problem currently facing.

Gendone is a national high-tech enterprise and has attached great importance to scientific research and development since its establishment. For 16 years, Gendone has never stopped in the development of the guanidinoacetic acid business. After NutriBuilder® (guanidinoacetic acid) was approved for meat, poultry and pigs and was fully recognized by many large group customers in the feed and breeding industry.

At this innovation forum conference, Mr. Tian, Technical Director of Gendone, gave a wonderful explanation on the original new product "CreBuilder®".

During the coffee break of this innovation forum, many industry colleagues came to the company's booth to consult the company NutriBuilder®, CreBuilder®, and other products. Li Zhengxiang, Marketing Director of Additives Division, and many marketing elites warmly welcomed customers.

On the evening of August 20th, Gendone Night-FIIF 2020 welcome dinner is the final part of this conference. The banquet was hosted by Dr. Wang Zhenzhen, general manager of the Gendone's overseas business department, and the launch ceremony of Gendone's innovative products "CreBuilder" was held. Dr. Yang made an opening speech for this new product launch. He first shared the entrepreneurial story of how Gendone grew from nothing to excellence. He thanked the teachers, classmates and partners who helped him along the way. Without their help, there would be no Gendone today. Afterwards, he shared the outstanding achievements of guanidinoacetic acid in domestic and foreign markets, which are exported to more than 30 countries and regions around the world. In 2021, Gendone will build an industrial base with an annual output of 15,000 tons of guanidinoacetic acid to fully meet the quality and quantity needs of guanidinoacetic acid worldwide.

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